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Sirona is pleased to offer you the widest range of CAD/CAM informational and educational programs. If you are still in the decision making process for a CAD/CAM system and just want to attend a seminar, if you have just purchased an inLab system and want to get certified, or if you are a longtime user and want to take advantage of our wide range of continuous advanced training programs, we look forward to seeing you at one of our programs soon. Effective immediately, all inLab trainings will use inLab SW 16.

Join us in St. Louis for our next inLab Summit!

You won’t want to miss this powerful, educational event, specifically tailored for inLab users. Learn, network, and have fun with your peers at our most exciting Summit yet! Click below to register.


inLab SW 15 is here

It’s the most intuitive, intelligent and integrated software ever. Completely redesigned and easier than ever, SW 15 incorporates exciting new features including screw-retained bridges, gingiva design, and surgical guides. It's the first system that allows the freedom for flexible integration of inLab CAD software into nearly all existing CAD/CAM equipment. Get yours today! Click here to register for your software upgrade.

inLab Basic Training and Advanced Training*

Capitalize on your technology with inLab's Basic Training and Advanced Training Course for inLab. Benefit from the expertise of Sirona’s training courses. Learn how to leverage your software and design techniques and master practical applications with everyday preps by getting the most out of your CAD/CAM-fabricated restorations. From design principles to software utilization and manipulation dynamics, participants will make the most of the latest CAD/CAM technology, as well as the latest material offerings including inCoris TZI.


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