Sirona’s central production service.

infiniDent service.

The infiniDent service allows laboratories to design 3D restorations in-house, and then send the digital restorations to Sirona for fabrication of full-contour crowns or bridge frameworks in a wide array of material choices, including ceramic, wax, or metal.

Send the digital restorations through the Web portal to infiniDent, and just a few days later the lab receives the finished framework ready for completion. infiniDent offers a wide choice of materials. Depending on the indication and your customers’ requirements, you always have the appropriate materials “at hand” when you choose infiniDent for production.

Enhanced flexibility.
infiniDent adapts to your order situation and enables you to outsource and maximize your output.

Enhanced productivity.
infiniDent allows you to focus on construction and ceramic veneering with porcelain as you add more restorative options for your customers, and also serves as an added revenue source for your lab.

Enhanced profitability.
Initially limited to copings and bridge frameworks, infiniDent now provides a number of complete restoration applications, including full-contour restorations. Materials available through infiniDent include:

infiniDent is a digital manufacturing partner for your lab and offers a wide range of models, substructures, restorations, removables, and file conversions. Click here for a full price list.