inFire HTC speed and inLab®:

The perfect combination

The inFire HTC Speed is a high-temperature furnace suitable for sintering all materials that can be processed by the inLab Milling Units. It is the ideal sintering furnace for inLab users who desire to sinter in-house. The inFire HTC Speed somes in two varieties. The inFire SS Superspeed furnace and the inFire NEM with added non-precious metal capabilities.

  • Programmed for success: The inFire delivers the fastest, most efficient sintering cycles available for oxide ceramics. The large-sized furnace chamber allows stacking of up to two crucibles, providing the capability to sinter many cases at one – even large zirconium oxide bridges and frameworks – in just a single 60-minute firing.

  • Super speed functionality: Sinter single unit zirconium oxide copings and crowns in just 10 minutes.

  • Time function: For use in overnight sintering.

  • Large capacity: Simultaneous sintering of up to 60 units.

  • Metal Capabilities: The inFire NEM can sinter pre-sintered non-precious metal under a protective argon gas atmosphere.

The inFire HTC speed has preset firing programs for appropriate materials that require sintering and can be milled with the inLab MC XL or inLab MC X5 milling unit, and the speed sintering program is designed to be compatible with many materials that can be milled on inLab or inLab MC XL.