Your Business Plan to Digital Dentistry

Sirona Connect is a Web-based communication platform designed exclusively for Sirona dentists and laboratories. The service allows Sirona dentists to eliminate physical impressions by electronically transmitting a digitally-scanned impression to the inLab laboratory of choice. The dental technician designs the restoration on the basis of a virtual model – without the need for a conventional model.

With Sirona Connect, you are on solid ground with Digital Impressions. Sirona is the Pioneer of Digital Impressions, has the largest install base of Digital Impression systems, and has the widest range of camera selections available. All of this at your fingertips with Sirona Connect.

NEW! With Sirona Connect 4.4 and inLab SW 15, you can now chat with your doctors and send screenshots or design files through the software!

You have two ways to leverage Sirona Connect:

  • Tap into existing CEREC dentists for their bridge work, full gold crowns, PFMs, full contour zirconia, etc

  • Grow your stand-alone digital impression user base in order to gain access to all their restorative volume

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