inLab® MC XL

Experience Power and Productivity

inLab® MC XL, the leader in laboratory CAD/CAM, has been recently enhanced with an impressive amount of features and benefits that expand the large roster of materials and superior production capabilities. Technicians even have the option to mill physical models in-house only with Sirona, powered by inLab MC XL.

The inLab MC XL milling and grinding unit opens up the widest possible range of production options for your dental laboratory. You profit from high speed and precision. You can switch from grinding to milling in just a few simple steps. And thanks to the large milling volume and broad spectrum of applications, you will reap substantial economic benefits.

  • Large range of materials: Processing of zirconium oxide, resins, glass and silicate ceramics, NP-metal, etc

  • High-speed milling: For example, a four-unit zirconium oxide bridge can be completed in just 40 minutes

  • Large milling capacity: For restorations consisting of up to 12 units and ceramic blocks measuring 85 x 40 x 22 mm

  • Four milling motors: Flexible selection of milling burs for different materials

  • Milling and grinding: For high precision regardless of the material and indication