The Power to Do More

  • Virtual articulation for dynamically fitted restorations

  • .STL Open Architecture: Any indication. Any material. Anywhere.

  • Access to the largest digital dental network via Sirona Connect

The Power of Innovation continues with inLab Software 4.2. Users of inLab software are already experiencing the many benefits of the smile design features, including multiple image catalogs, diagnostic wax-ups, Biogeneric software design, and more. inLab Software 4.2 will set you apart from your competition and improve your digital restorative offerings.

The virtual articulation feature of inLab software 4.2 allows you to take all dynamic contacts into account when designing restorations – including excursive, protrusive and centric movements with corresponding occlusal relationships. This reduces your overall finishing time and the finishing time of your dentist clients, and becomes a powerful time-saving tool for model-free cases through Sirona Connect.

The Smile Design features of inLab Software 4.2 take into consideration that form follows function. You can open a bite, create incisal variation with your teeth, and even import any 2D image of a patent to allow the software to create a 3D image.

There's simply nothing inLab can't do.